Sunday, 12 June 2016


Today it was my big couins wedding. When I got there the wedding started after they got married the we had waited for one hour which was a long while so when it was 5 oclock. Then  the girl said please come  in and find a table so we found a table and waited for her to say for us to go to this kichen where it had three tables with food on it.So   I went around and grbed my food and then went back out to the table an started eating by food. After I finish  eating this girl aid to all the kids to come get there desert the desert I took was a choclate ice cream with oreos on it also had a brownie.Then went back home safliy

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  1. Wow Sonnia, it seems like you had a very busy weekend! Did you end up being the flower girl? It would've been nice spending time with all of your family. I like the photos!