Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Today I got to  Hamilton.So we packed our close with excitement after we had packed our close we putted it in the car.Mum had brought me and my cousins snacks for when we are hungry on our way to hamilton. When we had got to hamilton we went into our Hotel we had a look and there was also a pool. The place we were at was waikato and that was were the hotel was.As soon as we had finish having a look we were planing what to do. So mum decided we should go shopping so we thought good idea mum.So we had a look at shops and started looking. Mum had gave me and my cousin one hundred dollars each.So me and my cousin said “ thank you and went brought us some clothes. Later on my big cousin said “ we could go watch the new part to ice age. Mum had said” that is also a great idea so we went in the line and got our tickets,popcorn and our drinks.When we got it we had a lot of time so me my little sister had went to the game zone I had won a lot of lollies from the lolly machine. Then mum called and said” let's go the movie is almost starting and so we went to our cinema sat down and the movie started.When the movie had finished I loved it and  was very amazing but mostly the end because they were working as a team and they also did not give up.My little sister said” let’s go buy dinner okay said” mum lets have kfc.So as we went buyed dinner we went back to the hotel and eight then went to sleep.And that was the ftrst day.

On the second day we had woke up had a shower brush our teeth and dressed up and went to the food court to Mc donalds and had breakfast I had pancakes it was very delicious. As soon as we had all finish our food we had did more shopping and this time I had and idea.So I said “ let’s go watch Ghost buster so they said “ yes that is good idea said mum I wanted to go watch a movie but I do not know witch one is out but I do the movie we are going to watch is ghost buster.The movie was on for a very long time but then hours later it was finally finish.Then as we went on our way home we had brought mc donalds as our dinner the movie was awsome.As we got home we turned on the tv and had dinner while watching it we had also brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

Last day Today is our last day so we thought that we should go to the hamilton garden. When we got there we bought mum a coffee then went walking it was very beautiful and pretty even the waterfall as we were going past beautiful views. It was the most beautiful plants I have ever seen there were also fruits but not that much.Then we were still walking there was a lot of ways one of them was like baze.I had so much fun but it was time to go so we went home safely.


  1. It sounds like you are having an amazing holiday with your whanau. I'm sure you would have had so much fun in Hamilton, it's such an amazing place! Hope you're having a good holiday Sonnia, great to see you posting on your blog.

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  2. Hi sonnia
    It looks like your having so so much fun I hope you have the best time on your holidays and your place is amazing and cool too have fun bye.
    from Aneelis