Friday, 22 July 2016

Little sister brithday

Today on the 20th of july it was my little sister's birthday she had turned four she has one more year until she is in pt england.I had gave her ten dollars and a card and also a necklace she had said” thank you big sis and she gave me a hug. We were waiting until mum will come with the cake it was a chocolate cake because that was the cake that my little sister wanted. So we waited for quite a long while then finally mum came with the choclate cake so she had lighted it up and then we ad sang the song.As soon as we had finish singing the song my little sister was very shy to blow the cake because our uncle was there so then mum said’’ sonnia go blow the cake so I said” okay and as I blowed the cake.My little sister was very exciteded to eat the cake when she was cutting the cake she had eight it and then she had to go dress up because we were going to the game arcade. My sister was playing the prize claw to win a minion but she lost but won lollies I was playing the hoops I had never missed so I won a lot of tickets but I gave it to my little sister and so the next game I had played was the one when you have to try and get the ball.When I was on the first go I had won the blues ball and I had also gave that to my little sister When I had my second go I had won the chief’s ball. So I gave that ball to my mum my cousin had won one hundred tickets the I had kept playing the same and kept on winning but three of it I had lost.  But I had fun at the same time when I was playing but it was time to go have dinner so as we went back to the casino and went to the burger and bar I had fish and chips it was very delicious my little sister had a cheeseburger and chips she had liked it and that she did not want to go home but we had too so we got home safely.

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