Monday, 26 September 2016

3rd time at the movies.

Today in the morning me my sister and my mum were getting ready to go to the movies in town. After we had finish getting ready we were going me and my sister were to busy taking selfie in the car. It took for ages to get to the cinema because mum forgot the card so we had to go back home and get it mum was disappointed about herself. But  luckily there was heaps of time so we went back home and got it I was so angry because I wanted to go early so I could go spend 30 dollars at the time out. But we went back home on our way home I was sleeping cause I was very tired. But it took ages so we made it and I woke up we quickly went to the line and got our tickets then went to our cinema. The movie started I was really excited it took 2 hours but it finally finish. My  part was the ending because max saved  everyone from drowning and that was the end of my day.


  1. Kia Ora Sonnia, it sounds like you're having an amazing holiday! What movie did you go and see?