Sunday, 25 September 2016


On a hot sunny day I was so bored then my sister said to me” I am bored”. Then the phone rang I went to it and picked up and said”hello Sonnia speaking then is was my mum”. I said’’ what is it she said that we could go to town and go play and the time out place then I said that is going to be amazing’’.So me and my sister got ready and hopped in the car. It took us 35 minute to get there so on our way we were singing songs and also dancing then mum said” we are here” so we got out of the car with excitement and walked to the elevator. It smelled really nice when we got inside. So we made it to the level g which means down stairs. And walked to the time out place first we had to get our coins from the coin machine. I had went to the hoop game first  I put my coins inside a hole and I started to play.When I was playing I was very sweaty so I took off my jacket and gave it to mummy highest score was 102 so I won a lot of ticket. The next game I played was when you had to get the ball so I played two games and on the last go I had won the warrior ball and I gave that ball to my little sister and she said” thank you sonnia”. The game that I mostly wanted to play was called round the game round is a ball coming down and whatever number it hit that is how much tickets you win. I never gave up because I keep getting the low numbers then when I crossed my fingers I got big win big win means you win five hundred ticket I was so happy that I went to loud.  I keeped on playing the same game and won heaps of ticket so it was time to put it in the ticket machine and we had 1020 ticket so that mean we could by a lot of prizes. We had got a tanoga, two pac man key chain. two packet of lollies,two easter eggs and a wallet I had so much fun but I was sweaty so we walked back to the car tiredly and went home.


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  1. Hi Sonnia,

    I really like your photo's of you visiting sky city. Who is that person next to you wearing a orange t-shirt? I would like it if you visted my blog. Keep up the good work.

    From: Anna