Friday, 7 October 2016

4th time at the movies

Today on sunday the 3rd mum had took me Oi and my cousin Loisi to the movies to watch the Magnificent seven.The cinema was located in New Market and was called Rialto. The cinema was very beautiful and clean when we got in. So we queued in the line got our ticket our popcorn and our drink which was coca cola. Our cinema number was seven which was the last one far at the back so that was a long walk. But we got there the cinema did not have that much people inside.Movie started I was making myself warm because I was really cold so I made by self warm and watched the movie. It took 4 and a half hours to finish so that was a long time. My favorite character the whole time was the Bow and arrow guy from the good team because he was a really good amer to the bad one so the movie finish that movie I will say that is a fantastic movie.  I wanted to watch it again but it was time to go home.

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