Sunday, 16 April 2017

Beauty and the beast

We got to pick what we wanted to do so my cousin said"Oh let's go watch Beauty and the beast". okay let's go so we got ready and got in the car and left. Mum went to the shops and brought us some drinks lollies and chips because we don't eat the popcorn we buy it but don't eat it. The cinema was in town. We got our tickets and went to our cinema and it started. The movie was 4 hours. Finally it finish we went home it was still daylight so mum got us ice blocks chips lollies drinks and went back home and watched moana.

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  1. Hi Sonnia,
    Nice Photo's you posted on this wonderful and awesome post you have posted on your blog and i like the way you took different photo's i really like all of the photo's and keep up the hard work that you have put into this post and keep posting on your blog :)
    Your Friend
    Lillyana :)