Thursday, 2 November 2017


This how you make an harmonica. First you grab your Popsicle and rap your stretchy hair tie the get a plastic straw and cut it in to two little pieces and put it into the rubber band. The we put another Popsicle stick on the rubber band and then tied small rubber bands on the side and there you go your own harmonica.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Musial madness

First of all we walked to the hall for our immersion assembly. We were listening to the music while we were waiting for other classes to come.The school theme is musical madness. Mr burt,Miss nua,Mr Sommerville,Mr Jacobsen and Mr Wiseman was playing a song called musical madness that they created the song their self. Team one movies was about listening to different types of song like scary ones happy ones and all kinds that is what the year ones are learning about. Team two was learning about the different sounds that animals make in the jungle. Team three movie was about there favorite song in real life. Team four movie was about them singing different kinds of songs in the car . While they were singing different types of song they were switching the drivers around. When the songs were playing they were dancing to the song. What I want to learn about this term is  playing the instruments like a piano. I really enjoy playing piano because I play it at home and learn songs. But I also want to learn how to play other instruments as well.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


Today we went  bowlingin town we were mentioned to go to the zoo but ithe was pouring rain. Me and my little sister were playing mini bowling. Before my brothers and sisters were playing bowling the had to change there shoes because if you don't wear the shoes you were meant wear you could fall over because it is slippery.


Today we were so bored so we were taking photos on snapchat.