Tuesday, 21 March 2017

maths work week five

Year 5 and 6 camp

Today writing is about the year five and six camp. I was in the presidents group.  Our leaders were Tehillah and Leite.The weather was windy and a little bit raining but we still had fun getting wet outside in the rain.  Mr Somerville had called for all the campers to come in the hall so we can have a short meeting. After our short meeting with Mr Burt and Mr Somerville they had sent us to our activity. Our first activity was free time in the hall so it was playing basketball riding scooter,riding skateboard, playing ping pong and bouncing the ball around. We had stayed in the hall for one hour and 30 minutes so it was quite a long time.The first game that I was playing was ping pong and then I started riding the skateboard then I went to the scooter I  had stayed on the scooter for a long time because it way too cool because I was going really fast. All that time I was playing on the scooter the hole time. After all that fun it was morning tea I wasn't really hungry so I just ate crackers.Camp had started in 1998. My favourite thing was dinner because we had on the first day nachos mince white sauce and a fried bread. My highlight is going to Mangere pools and doing different  activities like killer zone,Get lost,kayaking and going on our new bike track. Thanks to Miss Timmi, Whea Saf,Mr Moran, Mr Buchanan families who helped be security and  had came to mangere pools trip on the last day. Thanks heaps.I learnt to try new things and not be scared and nervous.

Thanks heaps.