Wednesday, 30 November 2016


The Greeks had defeated the Persians at the end of a long battle. Pheidippides had to deliver the good news to Athens. So Pheidippides went to his boss and Pheidippides boss said “ go tell Athens that we won”.Under the beating sun Pheidippides was very sweaty, hot and dehydrated. Over the rocky mountains Pheidippides went up, down and around the cliff.  Pheidippides never gave up he kept going.Joy! we won” shouted Pheidippides as he arrived at Athens.  But there was sad news  Pheidippides had died. He died because he did not have any water and also he was very hot and exhausted.  

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt was thankful for all his support and that he had won the race and got the gold medal. Usain Bolt was also proud cause he won for his country and that he is extraordinarily proud of himself. Usain Bolt was feeling also like a champion because he is the fastest man in the world.


The Persians and Greeks were practising their fencing skills. Some of the people now believed that fencing is  a sport. In the modern Olympics.  Some of the people back in the old they use days use to call the fencing swords an art.

In 1896 fencing was introduced to the Olympics game.  Today at the Modern Olympics fencing is now a sport.120 years later at the Modern Olympics game.

Competing in the Olympics there is three different swords it is Epee, Sabre and foil.To win a point you have to try get them on there chest to win a point. Also you were safety suits and sock that go up to your knee at the  fight with  a little rubber at the  end of the three swords.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Miss Vaia she was a scientist. She had a Science laboratory under ground she started mixing up her experiments.  Experiment means ingredients to make a volcano. Miss Vaia was wearing a white jacket to test her chemicals in the test tube.

Then Miss Vaia poured it into her volcano then suddenly the volcano exploded.  The lab was very hot and was full of lava. Miss Vaia was really disappointed.

So Miss Vaia had to clean her lab for  a long time. Miss Vaia was very tired but there was still heaps of mess it took a long time because the lava was really hot Miss Vaia had to wait. But finally the lava cooled down and Miss Vaia cleaned and finish cleaning the lab.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


The bell rang we all sat down on the mat to have prayer so it will be a sunny day. We were all at the courts waiting very patiently for the rest of the classes to come. My house colour was hokule’a the best team the fast team. Finally we were all going to our activity.     

The first activity we went to was tug-of war the first group we played was Hine Moana the blue team so we had to try make this sparkly little ribbon pass the cone then who ever wins has to play the other team who won on the other rope next to us. My hands were starting to burn and get blisters I was gonna give up but I said to myself” keep going Sonnia almost there” finally the sparkle ribbon past our cone so we were jumping up and down ready to beat Hikianalia the yellow team.   

After alex our ruff said “on your marks, get set, go” and off we went we were pulling our hardest and our fingers were super saw we lost but we still felt proud of ourselves and so it was time to move on to the next activity which was high jump. High jump was the activity I will always struggle on. The first jump  I past it because it was easy the second was also easy but the third one I really struggled that I had to keep on retrying it I keep trying keep trying then finally I finally past but it was time to move on to the next course.

The next course was sprinting.  Mr Burt had split us up in groups and to go  to our lines that we were meant to be in as soon as Mr Burt said” take your marks get set go” and off we went I was running and I  was coming in fourth place then I sprinted faster than I had became third so I had to play the people that came First second and third in the other group I was running so fast that at the end I did not even know that  I was coming in first place.  Then the finals came up Mr Burt said” take your marks get set go” I was not focusing but I ran my fastest and I had came in third place so I was in the finals vsing other schools.

There next rotation was dicus with Mr Somerville he showed us how to throw the discus pad so you hold it and you rock back and forth back and forth then back and forth then release it in air. Mr Somerville wanted a runna  to get the  discus pad so I raised my hand up and Mr Somerville choose me. As soon as Levonah had threw her discus pad and everyone else I ran to pick it all up and see who came first second and third for discus so they could go in the finals.
The time was running out it was time to move on to the next rotation which is Javelin with Prince Danielle big brother . Prince said to us” point your hand at the sky and throw it really hard”. As soon as it came to my turn I followed the instructions and I came first so who ever came third has to go back and line up and throw again.

We only had a little amount of time so it was a short game. After Mr Burt had said his speech  he sended classes to go get their morning tea to eat I was so thirsty that I drank my water bottle finish. I eight a doughnut and a up and go.
After I had a little warm up on the race course the bell rang so we had to go straight to the netball courts so we can start. Mr Burt had send us to the activity that we were meant to go to after javelin anyways we were going to play sack race but unfortunately the senior broke it so we had to play egg races. The egg race is a fake coloured egg and you have to try balance the egg on to the mixing stick but it also a race.

Who ever comes first second or third get house points.  As soon as it was my turn I was speed walking but when I speed walked around the cone the egg dropped but we had to keep going and we had a couple of rounds.It was time to move on to the next rotation which was dodgeball.

The coach told us that “it is  not like playing teams it’s just touching the person from the shoulder and down but you are only allowed to take three steps and aim for the person who you're aiming for” if you aim and you hit a person they have to sit down and some other taggers will chase the person that tagged you and they sit down and I come back in. After all the running and puffing it was time to move on to the softball throw softball throw. Softball throw was also the sport I will struggle on I when it came to my turn I was so nervous to throw that I had also have butterflies in my tummy it was time for me to throw the softball ball.

I throw it and I came forth we had a couple of rounds then it was time to move on to my favorite sport which is was relays. I was so excited to do relays so we got split up in our house colours and we had to run with the metal stick we were coming in second place then when Lilly passed me the stick every one was taking the lead but then I was coming first place because every one started to run a bit slower so I started speeding up. We were taking the lead and so we came first then Hine Moana then Hikianalia everyone else wanted to have the skipping race with the skipping ropes so our ruff said” okay we can have the skipping race. So I was the first person to skip when I was skipping I almost fell over but I was still taking the lead I came back past it on to Nahea and off she went she was skipping and she going way too fast so she fell over but she got back up and keep going she got back up and started laughing after everyone had their turn we were coming in third place so we were cheering for our team mate and came third.

Finally the sport I have been waiting for which was touch but it was not like playing team. We got split into teams one team had tshirt on and the other group didn’t so the aim of the game was if the coach calls out your number you have to run get the ball and try score a try where you were sitting  if you get touched the other person get a turn.  It came and we only had a little amount of time so we had a short game. It came to my turn I got the ball the Hope had tagged me then Hope ran and she got touched so it was back to me I picked up the ball and I ran my fastest and got try me and Hope were the lucky last and everyone else was moaning.

After  all the fun I had the bell rang for lunchtime and that means  we had to go to the field to watch the senior’s and parent do relays. They got it to their house colour which was Hikianalia, Hine moana,Te Aurere and Hokule’a the best team. Mr Burt said” on your marks get set go” off the seniors went they were very very fast they had to go around the cone and pass it to their teammate. It was time for the parents to go so Mr Burt said” on your marks get set go” off the parent went they were very fast and very speedy I was enjoying watching it but it finish so it was to go home.

Friday, 18 November 2016


Last Wednesday the 9th of November the whole of Pt England school were going to the 2016 Manaiakalani film festival. Manaiakalani Film Festival is a thing we do every year. I was skipping with excitement to go on the bus.  Sitting with my friends waiting patiently at the Sylvia Park Hoyts I was so anxious to watch the movie that we had created. A few moments later I was so surprised when I saw Marika and Josh standing in front of heaps of people they were the two presenters. My favourite movie was the Katy Perry rise movie that we had created because we had made a Pt England version to the Katy Perry rise song. I felt nervous when I was watching the movie that Mr Moran had created with us. Everyone in the crowd was clapping for our movie. I felt proud of myself. Once we got out of the the cinemas there were two schools waiting very very patiently. We were all outside waiting for our bus to come. Then finally a bus came and off we went we were going back to school to have morning tea. The bus got to school and we got off and went to the hall we went from the hall to class because there were some teachers coming in different bus.  

element activity



 Enjoy my movie.