Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ginger Beer

Today room 11 and 12 were drinking ginger beer. so we went outside opened our bottle exploded.

Friday, 21 October 2016


Once upon a time there was a girl named Miss Vaia she was a scientist. She had a Science laboratory under ground she started mixing up her experiments.  Experiment means ingredients to make a volcano. Miss Vaia was wearing a white jacket to test her chemicals in the test tube.

Then Miss Vaia poured it into her volcano then suddenly the volcano exploded.  The lab was very hot and was full of lava. Miss Vaia was really disappointed.

So Miss Vaia had to clean her lab for  a long time. Miss Vaia was very tired but there was still heaps of mess it took a long time because the lava was really hot Miss Vaia had to wait. But finally the lava cooled down and Miss Vaia cleaned and finish cleaning the lab.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Miss Vaia. Her mother told Vaia to go to sleep Vaia Said “okay mum”. Then Miss Vaia woke up and was scared Vaia had ended up in a creepy, dark and scary forest. Vaia was frightened and was petrified. Vaia was all alone until she said to herself “calm down Vaia don’t be scared”. Then Vaia had just fell to her bed and started sleeping.  In the morning Vaia woke up and heard the birds tweeting. Vaia decided to go look for some food because she starving and her tummy was rumbling. So she went and got some food then she saw a  the river  and saw fishes jumping up and down so she went and try and get  one then finally on the 3rd fish she was trying to get she got it.  She was very smart and she went and got some sticks and rocks then made the fire so he could cook the fish.  As soon as Vaia was eating she heard some footsteps it looked like his mum. So mum took him back home.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Delisous food 2nd time.

Today I am having delicous food.

Delisous food 2nd time.

Today I am having delicous food.

yum food 3rd time.

Today I am having yummy juros with my couins in the room.

yum food 3rd time.

Today I am having yummy juros with my couins in the room.

new shoes.

Today in the morning me and mum was getting ready to go to Kmart and by some shoes. We got ready got in the car and lifted. We got there got out of the car and got to Kmart. I went pick my own shoe and Oi went she had a lot so we went and bought it and went and look at other shops and went and brought mum some clothes.

New scooter and other stff.

Today mum took me and oi my little sister to farmers had brought me and oi some stuff. I got jenga,bunch of balloons and my brand new scooter Oi my little sister got bedos and that was only what she wanted because she was acting a bit silly. So we got our stuff went brought it and went home. I got home and straight away opened it and it was already built so I was all outside playing on it while I was playing with her bedos.

4th time at the movies

Today on sunday the 3rd mum had took me Oi and my cousin Loisi to the movies to watch the Magnificent seven.The cinema was located in New Market and was called Rialto. The cinema was very beautiful and clean when we got in. So we queued in the line got our ticket our popcorn and our drink which was coca cola. Our cinema number was seven which was the last one far at the back so that was a long walk. But we got there the cinema did not have that much people inside.Movie started I was making myself warm because I was really cold so I made by self warm and watched the movie. It took 4 and a half hours to finish so that was a long time. My favorite character the whole time was the Bow and arrow guy from the good team because he was a really good amer to the bad one so the movie finish that movie I will say that is a fantastic movie.  I wanted to watch it again but it was time to go home.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

art at home

Today after work mum came back from work and on her way she had brought paint and some chalk. So she hopped out of the car and I said” hi mum want is the paint and chalk for then she gave it to me then I said thank you mum had gave it to me for helping nana clean do the dish and also doing the laundry. So I started painting with my little sister and cousin we had so much fun doing art that we had also done designing.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Breakfast at Mc Donald

Today in the beautiful weather me my sister and my mum went to Mc Donald and had breakfast there. I had pancake and I shared it with my little sister because  I could not finish it while mum had the big breakfast. We had also had a hot chocolate it was so delicious but we went back home