Thursday, 28 July 2016


My time is 3 o"clock and 2 seconds there is 24 hours in a day and 60 seoncds in a minute and 60 minute in 1 hour

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ancient olympics

The Olympics began two and a half thousands years ago in ancient Greece.In thoes days Greece was made up of several different states including Athens, Sparta and Corinth and they were offten at war with each other.But when the games were on they helled the truce. This great event was held in at a place called Olympia and this is why the games are called Olympics.
They were  held  once every 4 years on a honour
of Zeus lord of all the gods.

Eventually the ancient Olympics were Abolished by the roman emperor theodosius the first who was a Christian and didn't like the games because they were dedicated to a pagan god But the Olympics will always remember as a symbol of human achievement and peace.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Little sister brithday

Today on the 20th of july it was my little sister's birthday she had turned four she has one more year until she is in pt england.I had gave her ten dollars and a card and also a necklace she had said” thank you big sis and she gave me a hug. We were waiting until mum will come with the cake it was a chocolate cake because that was the cake that my little sister wanted. So we waited for quite a long while then finally mum came with the choclate cake so she had lighted it up and then we ad sang the song.As soon as we had finish singing the song my little sister was very shy to blow the cake because our uncle was there so then mum said’’ sonnia go blow the cake so I said” okay and as I blowed the cake.My little sister was very exciteded to eat the cake when she was cutting the cake she had eight it and then she had to go dress up because we were going to the game arcade. My sister was playing the prize claw to win a minion but she lost but won lollies I was playing the hoops I had never missed so I won a lot of tickets but I gave it to my little sister and so the next game I had played was the one when you have to try and get the ball.When I was on the first go I had won the blues ball and I had also gave that to my little sister When I had my second go I had won the chief’s ball. So I gave that ball to my mum my cousin had won one hundred tickets the I had kept playing the same and kept on winning but three of it I had lost.  But I had fun at the same time when I was playing but it was time to go have dinner so as we went back to the casino and went to the burger and bar I had fish and chips it was very delicious my little sister had a cheeseburger and chips she had liked it and that she did not want to go home but we had too so we got home safely.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New pet bird

oday we had got a new pet it was a two birds it is a boy and girl the girl name Brooklyn and the boy name is bucky.This is a different type of parrot we got this bird from my mum friend because he had too much. So he thought he that he will give one to my mum. So mum said “ thank you and as she came home with it  was so happy and so was I and my cousin I had feed it the food which is the seeds.The next day we had feed it and gave its water it was very happy to see me. But it was very hungry so we had a little play with it then let it go to sleep. I think he had a good day and that he was tired and so I went sleep to.


Today I got to  Hamilton.So we packed our close with excitement after we had packed our close we putted it in the car.Mum had brought me and my cousins snacks for when we are hungry on our way to hamilton. When we had got to hamilton we went into our Hotel we had a look and there was also a pool. The place we were at was waikato and that was were the hotel was.As soon as we had finish having a look we were planing what to do. So mum decided we should go shopping so we thought good idea mum.So we had a look at shops and started looking. Mum had gave me and my cousin one hundred dollars each.So me and my cousin said “ thank you and went brought us some clothes. Later on my big cousin said “ we could go watch the new part to ice age. Mum had said” that is also a great idea so we went in the line and got our tickets,popcorn and our drinks.When we got it we had a lot of time so me my little sister had went to the game zone I had won a lot of lollies from the lolly machine. Then mum called and said” let's go the movie is almost starting and so we went to our cinema sat down and the movie started.When the movie had finished I loved it and  was very amazing but mostly the end because they were working as a team and they also did not give up.My little sister said” let’s go buy dinner okay said” mum lets have kfc.So as we went buyed dinner we went back to the hotel and eight then went to sleep.And that was the ftrst day.

On the second day we had woke up had a shower brush our teeth and dressed up and went to the food court to Mc donalds and had breakfast I had pancakes it was very delicious. As soon as we had all finish our food we had did more shopping and this time I had and idea.So I said “ let’s go watch Ghost buster so they said “ yes that is good idea said mum I wanted to go watch a movie but I do not know witch one is out but I do the movie we are going to watch is ghost buster.The movie was on for a very long time but then hours later it was finally finish.Then as we went on our way home we had brought mc donalds as our dinner the movie was awsome.As we got home we turned on the tv and had dinner while watching it we had also brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

Last day Today is our last day so we thought that we should go to the hamilton garden. When we got there we bought mum a coffee then went walking it was very beautiful and pretty even the waterfall as we were going past beautiful views. It was the most beautiful plants I have ever seen there were also fruits but not that much.Then we were still walking there was a lot of ways one of them was like baze.I had so much fun but it was time to go so we went home safely.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

art adventure

Think about going on and art adventure outside to each class room. My favorite was with Whea safe because we were painting and because painting is one of my favorite things to do I had so much fun.Also the funny part was when we were trying to make it not go on the table but it happen.We were able to have so much fun going to each class and for also  helping whea safe make her own fare by painting and working as a team.When we finish we packed up and said thank you and so we went back to our class and helped them pack up.Then our teachers said you had so much fun then she said raise your hand up so the hole of our class raised their hand up.


umping off a giant cliff into the blue sea the boy made a giant splash.
The boy came back up very fast and laid down on the rock. On the rocky cliff the boy said “my mum can do better bombs than you.”

Under the blue sky the boy and the man had a little chat.

On a rocky cliff

Bravely the man jumped into the lake and he surprisingly done an enormous splash.

Monday, 11 July 2016

tamarereti story

Taniwha lives at the bottom of the taupo lake he is a green an giant taniwha who wakes up at night and eat’s pepole at when they go hunt for some fish. Tamarereti is a boy who woke up in the morning and he’s tummy was rumbling so he hoped into he’s waka and started paddling through  taupo lake.When tamarereti was paddling through taupo lake he got  three  large fish but he got a bit tired so he thought he will take a nap.But when tamarereti was napping he got blown away by the wind.So he hit this land and he’s tummy kept on rumbling so he cooked one of his fish and he stareted eating  then he saw a shinying pebbles  so he put as many in he’s waka and paddle through taupo lake while he was chuking the stars up to the sky.When tamarereti got home he fell straight to sleep then as he woke back up ranginui the god of the sky wanted to say something to tamarereti he wanted to say’ that the sky looks very beautiful when you chunked the pebbles up to the sky.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Creating my artwork  made me feel so proud  because  it will make me and my friends proud and I think they are also proud of their artwork.  Making my artwork made me feel excited because painting is my favorite thing to do.  
Most of all I enjoy vividing my artwork when the paint was dry.  Also the painting was amazing but took us  about four weeks to complete our artwork.
I found the painting a bit hard because I was trying to keep the paint inside the line but it went out.
I also found hard was to draw my picture on the big piece of paper.I will do better next time by not using too much purple.
I will do better next time by not doing so much squiggly lines.he most interesting thing I did was my buildings because I thought it was so easy to but then all of a sudden I kept on making mistakes.
I learnt to paint better and that could be better at drawing.

6 hats

Te tuhi

First thing in the morning was to get split up into two groups. The second group went at twelve o’clock I was in the second group with my friends. We had to put our lunch in my friends bag. It fitted just how we wanted it to fit so when we were on the bus we were excited to go to te tuhi.But it was very noisy because the boys and some of the girls kept on singing songs in the bus.As soon as we got to te tuhi we were climbing
of the bus and got into a girls and boys line. We walked in a beautiful line and into te tuhi with excitement we sat down and looked at this giant machine with tv on it.Jeremy took us to a room where we had to sit on a chair and a blue paper was  in front of us. Jeremy told us to find any shape and to cut it out and make a dream house. When we were finished we had to glue it on to the blue paper put the vivid on around my shapes then design it.listening carefully when we were finished designing our amazing pictures we got back into our lines then went back and sit on the mat next to the giant machine were alot of tvs were on the giant machine.Jeremy said that ‘ we can sit and have a snack.So the pavillon kids in the secound group had to eat so fast because the bus was already parking waiting for us to go so he could take us back to school.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My dream bedroom

Hi this is my dream bed room I hope you enjoy it.

Geometry Garden

Hi this is my math activities it is geomemtry we have been doing tessallasion ,eflective symmtry also we have been doing reflective symmtry it was so much fun because we got to diy

Friday, 1 July 2016

New duffy book

Today I got my duffy book It is called EJ12 I am going to read it when I get home.
Also every night.