Friday, 8 July 2016

Creating my artwork  made me feel so proud  because  it will make me and my friends proud and I think they are also proud of their artwork.  Making my artwork made me feel excited because painting is my favorite thing to do.  
Most of all I enjoy vividing my artwork when the paint was dry.  Also the painting was amazing but took us  about four weeks to complete our artwork.
I found the painting a bit hard because I was trying to keep the paint inside the line but it went out.
I also found hard was to draw my picture on the big piece of paper.I will do better next time by not using too much purple.
I will do better next time by not doing so much squiggly lines.he most interesting thing I did was my buildings because I thought it was so easy to but then all of a sudden I kept on making mistakes.
I learnt to paint better and that could be better at drawing.

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