Friday, 17 February 2017

Omaru Creek

First of all we had walked with a buddy to the Omaru creek in our literacy line.
It was so smelly  that I had to block my nose with my t-shirt and I couldn't breath properly. We had to kneel down and have a look at the sewage water it looked very disgusting and had a dark blue black color. Later on we had got up and had a little tiny walk. We had got in our line in our two buddies and walked back. My buddy was Zamera.

Friday, 10 February 2017

problem solving

Task Description.  Hello My name is Sonnia and today we were doing problem solving. First we had to make a copy of the doc.Then we had to solve three problems and they where about maths.Some of the problems where 33 tens + 48 ones,we had to solve out the problems and when we finish we would of had the answer and when we finish we have to ask our teacher if we can put it on our blog and if she says yes then we can out it on our blog.We have to do out post title and our labels and also a Task Description,when we finish it all we have to put it on our blog.

My learning goals.

Friday, 3 February 2017

All about me

Hello my name is Sonnia and I am a Year 5.  My teachers are Mrs Buchanan, Miss West and also Miss Timmi. They are all lovely. My culture is Tongan and I have quite a few people in my family. My favorite food is KFC, McDonalds, Bombay blues and also the subway cookies.  I enjoy hanging out with my friends and I also play netball, cricket, tag, rugby league and also touch. My goals for 2017 are improving myself in reading, writing and maths and also to be confident.

Problem Solving Term 1

Walt: show strategies for adding (+) and subtracting (-) numbers