Friday, 8 July 2016

Te tuhi

First thing in the morning was to get split up into two groups. The second group went at twelve o’clock I was in the second group with my friends. We had to put our lunch in my friends bag. It fitted just how we wanted it to fit so when we were on the bus we were excited to go to te tuhi.But it was very noisy because the boys and some of the girls kept on singing songs in the bus.As soon as we got to te tuhi we were climbing
of the bus and got into a girls and boys line. We walked in a beautiful line and into te tuhi with excitement we sat down and looked at this giant machine with tv on it.Jeremy took us to a room where we had to sit on a chair and a blue paper was  in front of us. Jeremy told us to find any shape and to cut it out and make a dream house. When we were finished we had to glue it on to the blue paper put the vivid on around my shapes then design it.listening carefully when we were finished designing our amazing pictures we got back into our lines then went back and sit on the mat next to the giant machine were alot of tvs were on the giant machine.Jeremy said that ‘ we can sit and have a snack.So the pavillon kids in the secound group had to eat so fast because the bus was already parking waiting for us to go so he could take us back to school.

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