Monday, 11 July 2016

tamarereti story

Taniwha lives at the bottom of the taupo lake he is a green an giant taniwha who wakes up at night and eat’s pepole at when they go hunt for some fish. Tamarereti is a boy who woke up in the morning and he’s tummy was rumbling so he hoped into he’s waka and started paddling through  taupo lake.When tamarereti was paddling through taupo lake he got  three  large fish but he got a bit tired so he thought he will take a nap.But when tamarereti was napping he got blown away by the wind.So he hit this land and he’s tummy kept on rumbling so he cooked one of his fish and he stareted eating  then he saw a shinying pebbles  so he put as many in he’s waka and paddle through taupo lake while he was chuking the stars up to the sky.When tamarereti got home he fell straight to sleep then as he woke back up ranginui the god of the sky wanted to say something to tamarereti he wanted to say’ that the sky looks very beautiful when you chunked the pebbles up to the sky.

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