Friday, 21 October 2016


Once upon a time there was a girl named Miss Vaia. Her mother told Vaia to go to sleep Vaia Said “okay mum”. Then Miss Vaia woke up and was scared Vaia had ended up in a creepy, dark and scary forest. Vaia was frightened and was petrified. Vaia was all alone until she said to herself “calm down Vaia don’t be scared”. Then Vaia had just fell to her bed and started sleeping.  In the morning Vaia woke up and heard the birds tweeting. Vaia decided to go look for some food because she starving and her tummy was rumbling. So she went and got some food then she saw a  the river  and saw fishes jumping up and down so she went and try and get  one then finally on the 3rd fish she was trying to get she got it.  She was very smart and she went and got some sticks and rocks then made the fire so he could cook the fish.  As soon as Vaia was eating she heard some footsteps it looked like his mum. So mum took him back home.

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