Friday, 18 November 2016


Last Wednesday the 9th of November the whole of Pt England school were going to the 2016 Manaiakalani film festival. Manaiakalani Film Festival is a thing we do every year. I was skipping with excitement to go on the bus.  Sitting with my friends waiting patiently at the Sylvia Park Hoyts I was so anxious to watch the movie that we had created. A few moments later I was so surprised when I saw Marika and Josh standing in front of heaps of people they were the two presenters. My favourite movie was the Katy Perry rise movie that we had created because we had made a Pt England version to the Katy Perry rise song. I felt nervous when I was watching the movie that Mr Moran had created with us. Everyone in the crowd was clapping for our movie. I felt proud of myself. Once we got out of the the cinemas there were two schools waiting very very patiently. We were all outside waiting for our bus to come. Then finally a bus came and off we went we were going back to school to have morning tea. The bus got to school and we got off and went to the hall we went from the hall to class because there were some teachers coming in different bus.  

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