Sunday, 19 June 2016


Today was the day we went to the movies to watch Finding Dory. When we got there, there was a lot of time, so we thought we will go to the Game Arcade and play there.We were playing, and all of a sudden we started winning lots of tickets, but we were so sweaty that we did not want to eat popcorn. After we went and put our tickets into the machine we got the receipt. It  said you won a lot of points, we won 545 points, so we chose our prizes. My prize was a loom band and my little sister had a packet of lollies. After that, we went upstairs to get our movie ticket and also our yummy 
popcorn and drink. Later on, it was time to go into the cinemas, and watch the movie finding dory.The movie started an I watched it I enjoyed the movie. It was the end an so we left out of the cinema and went to the food  court I had butter chicken and mum and cousin had frind rice.Then we finish eating our food we went for a walk for quite a long while.But my little sister was tired so she said if we could go back to the car so mum said ok it is home time. So we walked to the car and put our seat poats on and went home safely.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Today it was my big couins wedding. When I got there the wedding started after they got married the we had waited for one hour which was a long while so when it was 5 oclock. Then  the girl said please come  in and find a table so we found a table and waited for her to say for us to go to this kichen where it had three tables with food on it.So   I went around and grbed my food and then went back out to the table an started eating by food. After I finish  eating this girl aid to all the kids to come get there desert the desert I took was a choclate ice cream with oreos on it also had a brownie.Then went back home safliy