Sunday, 21 August 2016

Butterfiy creek

Today I was very excited because we are going to butterfly creek.As we hoped into the car and was excited to go that I had “told mum to hurry up and lets go so mum said” okay.So on our way we were so excited. As soon as we got there we had went saw the farm first there were happy lambs,talking birds,sleeping pigs, turtle and cute rabbits and also a kangaroo.The farm was amazing but it was time to go to the dinosaur. It was very cool and little baby dinosaurs but the dinosaur was a bit boring but finally the moment that I had been waiting for the fish there was one where we have to fine Dory and Nemo i had found Nemo and his dad and also Dory.So I had won the fifty dollrs i had saved it and the next one was the butterfly. Inside the hot area where the butterflys were I had a lot on me there was one big one on my neck and arm even one on my eye. But it was time to go home so we went home safely.


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  1. This looks like you had an awesome day with your family Sonnia. My favourite picture is the one with Oi, you and the Goat!