Monday, 3 July 2017

matariki writing

First of all we got into our literacy lines and walked down to the hall for assembly. When we were walking to go in the hall we saw cody flat school sitting on the charis. Then it was time to have the prayer for the morning.

Next cody flat had told some facts about flounders,stars and earth. We were listening about how they created their project and some facts about flounder. Then it was time for the junior kapa haka to sing there waiata. Then the pounamu group went and performed there waiata and  haka  then it was time for the senior kapa haka they  walked up the stage proudly and done the haka as well.

After that we had to split into the class we are meant to go in to do our activity. I was in room nine making star necklace out of dough. So we made our dough with flour salt and water. So we pour some flour and salt and the mix it all up.then we put in our water so Monica wanted to tip the water into the bowl so Mrs Buchanan gave her the water bottle and monica squeezed the bottle and the lid came off but then Mrs buchanan fix the problem. After that we had cut three piece of string that was the same length and play it down. We also used straw for the hole to put the string in.

Later on Mrs buchanan went and cooK it at house because some of the other classes were also cooKing so Mrs buchanan said’’ i’ll come with it on monday’’. And you can paint it with glitter paint or just leave it and put your string that you plated and put it through the hole.

In the end we had another assembly to close down the matariki celebration.

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